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The Steam Car Club
The Club was formed in recognition of the ever increasing interest in steam cars and the need for a standalone club dedicated to that need. It has since grown into the largest and most respected Club in Europe and possibly the World, it has produced for many years the best known magazine in the World THE STEAM CAR which is now in full colour!

The membership spans many countries including Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe. Membership is open to all. You don't need to own a steam car, and whether you have an old or modern car or a steam bike; it's your interest and knowledge that is valuable.

Chairman’s update April 2020
Whilst the clubs planned AGM and tours for this year have been postponed due to the present Corona virus lockdown, committee work has continued via telephone and e-mails and one subject that was to be raised at the AGM was presidency of the club. As you are aware our secretary Alun Griffiths was to retire at the AGM and we are seeking the services of a volunteer from within the membership to take up this position. Alun is one of the clubs founding members and was responsible for personally producing and printing 100 copies of the first ever club magazine in November 1988. In recognition of Alun’s long standing enthusiasm, determination and service to the club, the committee are pleased to announce that he has accepted the committee’s offer and is now the ‘President of the SCCGB’. Alun has volunteered to continue as the secretary until an AGM can be put into place. Regards to you all - Harold

Until such times as the government allow things to get back to normal, the clubs planned AGM is to be put on hold and both the Cotswolds and Montgomeryshire tours are postponed until next year. During this limited contact period please keep in touch with fellow club members as much as possible, we will all appreciate a phone call, an email or a post on the clubs forum. Let’s hope we can get back to steaming on the roads and sharing our cars with others as soon as possible. Harold Bell - chairman
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American Steamers
Nathan Dickey, American Rep for the SCCGB, latest news and American Events
Get involved NOW! American Steamers
Tour photos - Stowe Away to Vermont Steam Car Tour NEW
3,000 mile progressive tour that started out in Missoula, Montana


New Jay Leno Videos
Club Member and steam fan Jay Leno's three fantastic videos - SEE HERE


Latest Events
Look at our Events section for the very latest events - Events


Stanley World Record
An epic trip from John O Groats to Lands End in a 1921 Stanley Watch HERE

Steam Car Forum
Post your latest news on our Forum


Hallet Oils New Catalogue
Download the latest catalogue as a PDF


The Steam Car
Back issues of The Steam Car magazine now available (excluding issue 1)


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The club through its web page, forum and links page (with hits of over 30 million to date) has developed a method to help all Steam Car users, covering maintenance, restoration and the general running and advice including encouraging the regular examination of the boiler pressure system. Advice and support for anyone interested is always available. JOINING The Steam Club of Great Britain is the best route for enthusiasts specifically showing an interest in steam cars. Another important activity of the club was the building of its ever increasing historic archive, and pattern register thus aiding people with technical support for all cars in preservation. The archive has been built up over many years with the help of the Science Museum and Stanley Museum as well as Auburn Heights in America and many other organisations and people to which we are grateful. Preserving our heritage with steam on the road is essential.

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steam cars and parts for sale American Steamers

American SectionClick here (or on the photo) for more

White Steam Car
Whistling Billy
Honorary Members
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Art Hart Ray Clark Alun Griffiths Bill Rich


Opinions expressed on this website are not necessarily those of the Editor, or of the Chairman and Committee. The Editor and Publishers accept no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions or consequences ensuing from any information given or advertisements on this website. The editor reserves the right to decline publication of any contribution, or to edit, condense text, and insert appropriate photographs into articles as he thinks fit. Any content you supply to be uploaded on to this website will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. You retain all of your ownership rights in your content, but you grant to the Steam Car Club of Great Britain a non-exclusive, royalty free, perpetual licence to use, store and copy that content, distribute and make it available to third parties in this on the club’s website. Every effort is made to check all photographs and material used on this website for copyright. Should there be any unintended breach of copyright then the Club’s Chairman must be informed to enable a correcting acknowledgement to be made.


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lykamobileSTW Lykamobile steam car land speed recordLand Speed Record Estes Park Steam Landrover Jay Leno's 1907 White Wilf Cole
Doble Slide Show

Green Mountain DVD

The Green Monster

Chuk Williams
Enterprise Steam Carriage Replica 1896 Roper
Steam Bike
1802 Trevithick Steam Carriage

London to Brighton

Locomobile Drawings
and patterns
Stanley Drawings

The Great Dorset
Steam Fair
Having Fun

Barrett steam car
owned by Greg Walker
Karl Petersen 1902 Toledo 7.5hp

1922 Doble D2 owned by Barry Herbert 1911 English bodied Stanley type 63 1943 Keen Steamliner

The 1908 Field Steam Bike Stanley Twins

Old Stanley pictures

Uniflow engines
including Doble
Bob Dyke's
1908 White Model L
BrooksThe Brooks Story

The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car or cycle. Perhaps you want one, or are just interested in these vehicles or in their further development.

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