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London to Brighton 2004
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Jim King's 1903 Stanley type BX driven by his son Bill with rather cold looking grandchildren Elizabeth & Richard arriving at the coffee stop on the London to Brighton run.

One of the first steam cars on this years run was this 1900 Gardner-Serpollet belonging to Mr Robert Dale. This was one of three steam cars that did not stop for water at Ray Clark's coffee stop. Here as always his very welcome stop had been set up and was this year run by his brother Chris.
There was hot soup, tea, coffee, rolls and even hot mince pies, all very welcome on a cold overcast day.

Chris Clark supplied a steady flow of tea and coffee.
Pauline Theobald seen here checking out a hot cup of tea.

Traffic jam!
By mid-morning the early starters had begun coming in for water. This is the 1896 Whitney which was going well.
Behind can be seen no less than four early Locomobiles and a Mobile

1896 Whitney making its second attempt with new owner Rick Kenway

Seen here is the delicate engine of the Whitney, 1 15/16" x 3 1/4"

1900 Mobile owned by Richard Hounslow
Having filled the car with water, and enjoyed a hot drink, Richard is seen here leaving for the next leg of the trip to Brighton

1901 Locomobile owned by Bob Ward.
Bob enjoyed another successful run with his car.
His was one of 20 steam cars booked in for this years run.
3 failed to start, 17 cars left the start, and 2 non-entered early steamers joined in the fun.

1902 White Stanhope owned by Bob Dyke

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