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The Steam Car Club Guide to the Steam Car Club!

Lot's of members and enthusiasts ask us at shows and events about certain elements of the club/website. So here is a little guide to answer a few of the most common questions and hopefully encourage you to use some of the resources we have on offer.

The Steam Car Club Forum
The Steam Car Club hosts its very own forum where like-minded individuals can talk to fellow enthusiasts about their car, their plans, events and all about steam. - in fact you can talk about anything else too in the Forum. You can go to the forum by clicking on the relevant links around the site, there is one over on the left menu bar. Or you can go direct to the forum by clicking this link:
If you are not a member of the forum you can join. Joining is simple - fill in your details, a relevant username and the system will add you to our forum members list.
However, to stop the recent increase of Spam on the forum, we now manually approve all new members prior to their first posting. So to help us, help you - SEND US AN EMAIL stating your Username and a brief reason to join to info@steamcar.net and this will help speed up the process.
Once you have registered and been approved take a look at the "Sticky' post at the top of the page. This gives great help how to post links to pictures or videos.

The Steam Car Club on Facebook
The Steam Car Club has a Facebook account, and again here you can talk to people all over the world, upload pictures, advertise an event near you or contribute in anyway you would like. We use the Facebook page to add lots of photos of recent events and remind everyone of forthcoming events.
Our Facebook page can be found by clicking here:
If you are a Facebook member, please support the page by 'liking it', if you do not have a Facebook account why not set one up, it's free and simple to do.

The Steam Car Club on Twitter
The Steam Car Club of Great Britain has discontinued its Twitter feed however you can still catch up on the Forum, via latest news or on the SCCGB Facebook page.

The Steam Car Club on Youtube
The Steam Car Club has a Youtube channel which it uses to post videos. We then put the videos on the Steam Car Club website. The individual videos may have strange looking links like this:

Due to increased costs due to printing of the magazine, and especially the huge increase of postage to mail out the club magazines, we have placed a number of adverts on the website both banner adverts like this:

and text adverts that appear as text links within a block of copy. You may see adverts on the Youtube videos. These can be removed by clicking the small check/squar on the right. These are on the videos as we use music, in some cases, to enhance our videos. The club gets no financial reward for the adverts, but the original musician, composer does.

Latest News
We will endeavour to add to the 'Latest News' page on the website any news items so this area is very useful indeed. You can find the latest news via the left hand menubar or by clicking here:

Send Us News
We love to hear from you and really appreciate news about you, your car or any other news that you think fellow members may enjoy hearing about too. We may use your news in our club magazine!! Send your news to: info@steamcar.net or click on the Editor link on the home page of the website.

Steam Car Register
We are currently compiling a comprehsive Steam Car register - a list of cars from Stanleys to Whites, to Locomobiles, Lykamobiles and every kind of steam powered vehicle we can find. For which, we need you help. If you can tell us details of a vehicle that you think isn't on the list - or add any details to cars that are, drop us a line and let us know - info@steamcar.net

...and Finally - join the club
To get the full benefit of the Steam Car Club, then join the Steam Car Club! Annual membership can be a great way of meeting people and sharing a passion for steam and steam cars. The form can be found here:
http://www.steamcar.net/joinform.html simply print it out and send it off to our Membership Secretary.

The Steam Car Club of Great Britain
The World's Premier Steam Car Preservation Organisation
Contact us via email: info@steamcar.net
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